Space Event

Space Event

An old school space shooter with pixel art graphics.
Fight against a endless army of enemy forces.


Move – W A S D
Aim – Mouse
Shoot – Left Mouse Button
Rewind – Right Mouse Button


Created for Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2 in 7 days (~30 hours).
The theme of this jam was rewind.
Made by Kytric – Next Time Entertainment.


For the best game experience play the windows or linux version of the game.
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Play / Download

You can play or download the game on with the link below.

Space Event v1.1 Update

– New power up drops from boss
– Player ship gets a shield for the duration of the rewind
– When the player gets hit by an enemy and he has full energy the rewind starts automatically
– Added sound when rewind is ready
– Minor bug fixes and improvements